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Seval Plastic İnforms

Remember to compare utilitiy and price when purchasing products. You will have the rigidity the plastic should
have,strength of the canals that bear your curtains and easy installation with the products that bear seval logo.
Plastic products are not better with rigidity hinger  than required .Products that have higer rigidity than reqired
is not a desired state.

In extra rigid products .breaks may occur during preparation for installation and cracks  may occur during installation

Another  criteria that should be taken into account in buying curtain rails is the width of the product.
Remember that in wide rails, curtains in each canal will have less friction with other curtains and operate
more  smoothly.

If you wish to use the curtain rail without any problem for years after the purchase like the  majority  of
the consumers  in the world, prefer product  with seval logo.

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